We created Fun Formulae to provide you with effective solutions for your skin and hair care. Fun formulae products are developed with the healing power of essential oils.

The formulations are precise, effective, and scientific, based on the therapeutic properties of essential oils. Essential oils are derived naturally from plants and are the active ingredients of aromatherapy. The essential oils, with their medicinal properties, are therapeutic, and heal the hair and skin, while the pleasant aroma uplifts our spirit and generates a sense of well-being. At Fun Formulae, we choose our ingredients with precision, based on scientific studies on the medicinal values of plants and the essential oils derived from them. The core of our formulations is based on aromatherapy.

letter from founder

I am thrilled to share with you the essence of 15 years of my experience as a scientist and aromatherapist working with medicinal plants and essential oils. My clients at my aromatherapy studio would experience the benefits of aromatherapy for conditions of acne, dandruff, hair loss, post-pregnancy fat loss, and the issue of melasma and other such concerns of hair and skin care. It would be rewarding to see them glow with happiness due to encouraging results from customized products for follow-up care at home in between personal sessions at the studio. Designing these therapies kept me busy until the unexpected confinement due to the pandemic which restricted my capacity to offer therapeutic solutions.
But this challenging situation became a catalyst to channel my energy and experience into creating scientific and efficient aromatherapy formulations for beauty and wellness and the brand, Fun Formulae was born.

At Fun Formulae, mindfulness of the ingredients used is of utmost importance. We believe in the purity and natural origin of our ingredients,  the core of our products is aromatherapy making our products effective and reliable.We all can relate to the frustration of investing in products that fall short of their claims and promises, resulting in cluttered shelves, full of products that don't deliver results. With the firm belief in the concept of "less is more," we offer our meticulously curated range of products to address your beauty concerns, tailored to suit your specific skin type. At Fun Formulae, we believe that anything which adds fun and brings you joyfulness is accepted by our body with trust and it enhances the therapeutic power of the product.I welcome you to join me on this remarkable journey, embracing the power of nature and science, bringing beauty, wellness, and joy to your lives.

Dr. Jyoti Nargas, Founder

Our Mission

At Fun Formulae, we use pure and natural essential oils, derived from plants, to deliver desired results. These essential oils are free from harmful chemicals. They are safe to use and offer effective solutions to your concerns.

We Share As We Care

How many times have you stood across a shelf wondering which product is best suited for your skin woes and hair worries? At Fun Formulae, we want you to make an informed decision, and for that reason, our ranges are designed as per skin type and concern. 

What We Believe

The environment we live in today brings many changes in our health, hair and skin. The choices we make impact our surroundings locally and globally, We need to make responsible choices as every product we use affects our ecosystem.